Right Construction is a Dynamic Construction firm with Qualified  &  experienced Engineers  &  skilled manpower.


Right Construction is a proprietary firm providing construction and engineering services, and owned by Mr Deepak N. Kargal from Pune (Maharashtra).

Mr Deepak  Kargal’s  beginnings were modest & humble. Starting with career as a supervisor in a construction company and acquiring rich experience of three years, he learnt about construction industry. After mastering the basics of profession, he started his own proprietary firm in 1993 from ground zero.

Right Construction firm has kept pace with the growing economy and has achieved the clocking target figures of an average Rs.23.67 Crores for the last five years. The credit for this achievement & accomplishment goes to the team efforts of the employee and the constructive direction of our Leader. With construction as a passion and efficient team efforts of the employees, our firm soared to attain a Class-I registration in a very short span.

Right Construction is a dynamic construction firm with qualified and experienced Engineers and Skilled manpower. This is the result of close monitoring up to the microscopic details involved, strong coordination between management and employees and a firm culture where the work force feel like they are working for their own firm We set targets for all project activities and execute them in record time.

We have recently completed the Construction of RCC Kolhapur Type Weir on Bhima River near Vishnu Pad Mandir at Pandharpur costing Rs.879 lakhs. This work is completed in record time of 90 days on the forthcoming event of holy Ashadi Wari 2015.




We hope to take not only our firm and also the nation with it as, we truly believe that, infrastructure is the backbone of a great nation, and we plan to build just that.




Our mission is to uphold the trust of our clients by providing them with quality construction in the specified time frame by utilizing available resources backed by state-of-the-art technology and expertise.




We have an underlying spiritual approach to our work which enables us to strongly believe in integrity and honesty, open and respectful culture, hard work and accountability towards our own workforce, project works and associates. We believe that every employee of ours is an integral part of our family rather than is the health related family security offered to every worker, leading to moral and financial to our workers.




Our Unique Selling  Proposition’s, which are a class apart from the completion, are the consistent quality of our services right from planning to execution and successful completion and matched by judicious rates.