Jaipur M.I.Tank

Jaipur Minor Irrigation Tank, Tal & Dist: Washim.

Construction of earth work of Dam, Head Regulator, Waste Weir,Approach & Tail Channel & Fall.

Tender Cost: Rs.2719.87 Lakhs.

Janai Shirsai Lift Irrigation Scheme

Janai Shrisai L.I.S, Stage-III, Tal- Purandar, Dist.Pune.

Construction of balance structures in km.No.1 to 12 of Purandar
Branch Canal, Earthwork, lining & various types of structures of Rajuri,Pandeshwari Dy and Minors, sub Minors of Purandar Branch

Tender Cost: Rs.2712.82 Lakhs. 

Dabhadi K.T.Weirs

Constructing K.T.Weir at Dabhadi, Patne & Shatbhai on Girna Rivar, Tal-Malegav, Dist-Nashik.

work Costing:Rs.1300.97 Lakhs.                  Completed on 31/01/2015.

This work completed 4  months before scheduled date.

Patane K.T.Weirs

Patane K.T.Weirs, Tal. - Malegaon, Dist. - Nashik
(Construction K.T.Weirs at Patane on Girana River)

Satbhai K.T.Weirs

Satbhai K.T.Weirs, Tal. - Malegaon, Dist. - Nashik
(Construction K.T.Weirs at Satbhai on Girana River)

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